Saturday, March 19, 2011

Jake Heaps on BYU Basketball

A look forward and a tribute to our sweet 16 team!! Heaps shot is awesome!
Chuck Norris wears Jimmer pajamas...

Sunday, March 13, 2011

John's Feet

I actually did take a picture of his feet right after the race. This is what they looked like...
Not too bad...

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Rex E Lee Run

It was the Rex E Lee Run - Run for a Cure today. Dallan and John both ran the 10K in excellent time. I don't know the exact times but I know they were both well under 50 minutes. This was John's first race barefoot (it wasn't on a track, it was all through Provo) and Dallan's first race in a decade. It was about 40 degrees when they started and about 41 degrees when they finished.

John coming in for the final lap...

Dallan running in for the finish line...

UPDATE: John placed 2nd in his age division and about 75th overall (with corrected time). Dallan place 15th in his age division and about 86th overall.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Math: Mom, I have two loose teeth. There is one on the top and then the same one on the bottom. They are like a stalactite and stalagmite.

Seth: Do you want a knuckle sandwich?
Mom: Um...I am not sure.
(I was a little worried at this point and trying to figure out where he picked up this phrase)

Seth: Mom, I'll tell you how to make one. First you need bread, then ham, then cheese, then crackers. You need macaroni and cheese and some bread and then some pepperoni and salsa. You also need to put on laffy taffy (salt water taffy) and ice cream. A knuckle sandwich is all the good food in the world but it has no bad fat and none sugar that is bad for you body. Let's make one!

I am glad I had the presence of mind to record that. After he asked me if I wanted a knuckle sandwich I thought something good might come out :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Speaking of pictures...

There are a lot of good free bluebonnet pictures so that should be easy to do but the older boys and I are at a crossroad with other pictures. It takes me awhile to save up to buy pictures (even if they are only $30 :). This month hopefully is the month we were going to get the boys a picture from the hubble telescope. As many of you know I love astronomy and stars. In our toy room downstairs we put the summer sky up on the wall with glowing stars. With the help of me and NOVA, Josh and Hy are really starting to enjoy it too. We are also trying to get a picture of Christ in every room. Their bedroom still needs one.

Problem...they picked both of the exact same pictures that I was going to put in my room!! I know, what a shock my kids like the same thing as me. But still...really?? These are their two favorite but they are also my two favorite that I was going to use. Can I have two copies of two pictures in the same house??

The amazing butterfly nebula...

Carl Bloch's Christ in Gethsemane

I can maybe get them to change their hubble picture but Hyrum really liked this picture of Christ when we went to the exhibit. At least we have good taste... :)

A sigh for spring...

I love snow. It is my most favorite of all. I know it has some downsides. I realize not everyone agrees with me but I am very happy that I get to have snow.

However, it is March and even though I am so glad for my snow I must heave a little sigh for second most favorite thing of all...

I wish the two weren't mutually exclusive. For a lupine, the bluebonnets are notoriously picky about where they will grow. Even if I could get them to bloom here it wouldn't be the same as driving around the state and seeing the roads full of them.
I have decided to just try and collect pictures of them so I can have a bluebonnet wall...

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Here are some questions I have been asked a lot recently along with answers...
This is the order in which they usually occur...

1. Why would people be asking me if I am pregnant? (this is my own question I keep asking myself...)
The sad answer to this question is I am already letting the top button of my pants go...they are already too tight. The maternity clothes are out and in the closet. I have a lot less than I thought because I had borrowed most of them last time from a friend in Boulder but as long as I don't go more than one day without doing wash I should be fine. I can't wear any fitted shirts and the ribs are already expanding. I am going to assume that this is because I already have so many kids and not because I was already too heavy starting this pregnancy.

2. Are you pregnant?
The answer to this question is yes. This morning I went to my first doctor's visit and everything seems good so I was going to post but I logged on and saw my sister-in-law's announcement that she was pregnant so I thought I would wait and not steal her day. I figure almost everyone will be reading this tomorrow :)

3. Do you think it is a girl?
Maybe...that is right, I said maybe...I wavered a little when I was first pregnant with Math but after a few weeks I always thought he was a boy. The others I believed 100% they were boys. This time I am not 100% sure it is a boy. John thinks it is a boy but he also thinks it is twins because the day I told him I was pregnant he got a double yolk in his egg. I am so unsure I couldn't even disagree with him...I am sure it wasn't just a coincidence ;)

4. Do you want it to be a girl?
Um......almost. I am a little terrified.

5. Is this your last?
I wish I could tell you that I have that "for sure this is the last" feeling that everyone always says they have. Why does everyone say that? How do you know? I am hoping for that feeling to come soon so I can just say "I KNEW I was done." If you didn't have that overwhelming feeling that you were done but still decided that it was the best choice to be done PLEASE comment and tell me don't have to wait for that feeling...

6. Do you have names?
Probably. The girl name has been picked for a decade and the boy name is going good but will require a little more thought/debate so we'll wait till we know we need it :)

7. When are you due?
October (as if the Prince family doesn't have enough Oct birthdays-sorry, what will this 8?)

8. How do you feel?
I have actually felt better than normal. This may also be why I am unsure about a girl. I don't even want to die yet and the only reason I can think of a change is that maybe it isn't a boy.

9. Why are you so crazy? (okay, that is my own question too)
I blame my husband entirely!! First, he is very good at not thinking about or worrying about the future. Second, he has a talent for making sure I get pregnant. Third, he is an excellent father. I would have stopped having children long ago if not for him...

Any more questions? You can contact me in the comment section of this blog during non-normal business hours which is the only time I usually have time to use the computer :)

PS For those of you who like to have babies at the same time as me you have been warned, for those of you who like to have babies right after me, you have been forewarned ;)