Thursday, March 10, 2011


Math: Mom, I have two loose teeth. There is one on the top and then the same one on the bottom. They are like a stalactite and stalagmite.

Seth: Do you want a knuckle sandwich?
Mom: Um...I am not sure.
(I was a little worried at this point and trying to figure out where he picked up this phrase)

Seth: Mom, I'll tell you how to make one. First you need bread, then ham, then cheese, then crackers. You need macaroni and cheese and some bread and then some pepperoni and salsa. You also need to put on laffy taffy (salt water taffy) and ice cream. A knuckle sandwich is all the good food in the world but it has no bad fat and none sugar that is bad for you body. Let's make one!

I am glad I had the presence of mind to record that. After he asked me if I wanted a knuckle sandwich I thought something good might come out :)


Leah Prince said...

Sounds awfully good!

Marisa said...

hahaaaa! Aahh. I miss you guys! :-D

Tonia said...

A sandwich with all the good food and none of the bad....I'll take one!