Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Speaking of pictures...

There are a lot of good free bluebonnet pictures so that should be easy to do but the older boys and I are at a crossroad with other pictures. It takes me awhile to save up to buy pictures (even if they are only $30 :). This month hopefully is the month we were going to get the boys a picture from the hubble telescope. As many of you know I love astronomy and stars. In our toy room downstairs we put the summer sky up on the wall with glowing stars. With the help of me and NOVA, Josh and Hy are really starting to enjoy it too. We are also trying to get a picture of Christ in every room. Their bedroom still needs one.

Problem...they picked both of the exact same pictures that I was going to put in my room!! I know, what a shock my kids like the same thing as me. But still...really?? These are their two favorite but they are also my two favorite that I was going to use. Can I have two copies of two pictures in the same house??

The amazing butterfly nebula...

Carl Bloch's Christ in Gethsemane

I can maybe get them to change their hubble picture but Hyrum really liked this picture of Christ when we went to the exhibit. At least we have good taste... :)

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Sara said...

Pictures really are expensive, huh? And framing? Fuhgedabouddit. :(