Friday, April 29, 2011

BYU Graduation

So a lot of people have been asking for an update and I'll do one soon but I am trying to wait till I can do it with out using too many bad words...

For the meantime...I went to my first BYU graduation last week. This is a little odd considering in both John's and my family we have had 18 BYU graduations (including our own) + 2 for my parents and yet this was still the first one for me (John has had to go to graduation since he started working so he's been to a few). My dad was given a lifetime service award from the college of life science so he spoke at this graduation (and gave the best talk of the ceremony).

It was fun to hear my dad but by far the most amusing part was all the pregnant girls and all the couples graduating together. It seemed like at least 1/4 - 1/3 of the graduates were walking with their spouse. "James Smith walking with his wife Joan Smith." There was one group that had 6 relatives walking together. I just had to chuckle a little bit because BYU has to be the only college in the US that has spouses walking together in any sort of quantity! There were also two mothers who graduated with their children which was awesome. They got lots of cheers.

I wish I could say that John and I were well behaved but we talked the whole time or made funny gestures to my brother and SIL. We agreed that the Japanese really do have the coolest names. There were a lot of people named Houston and Austin so John made me promise if we have twins we can name them Houston and Austin (I am thinking middle names instead, my SIL's middle name is Austin :). And...of course, there was a young man actually named Johann which restarted the Johann Sebastian name debate.

Anyway, for those who went to BYU or probably even the U of U or USU it is a fun reminded of how crazy wonderful this place is!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Triumph of the Pinewood Derby

Guess who won the Pinewood Derby last night...

We've been doing Pinewood Derby for a few years now. It seems to stress John more than me. He feels the cars should be super cool but the boys and I feel the cars should be whatever the boys want to do. John usually agrees in the end :) This year Hyrum picked his own design. It was a Hummer. He cut out the car himself (with adult help) and painted it. John weighted it to make sure is was an exact 5.0 and they spent some time getting the wheels just right. I put a little extra graphite on right before the race and (as Math would say) voila...Hy's car was the fastest for both of the wards that raced.

John finally won his first Pinewood Derby. When asked how it made him feel that after all these years someone finally won?? The answer...he was disappointed. John said he didn't feel any different and it hadn't changed life the way he dreamed it would :) Shocking...

PS - It was hard to believe that this year Josh was too old for the Pinewood Derby :(

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


So, let's just pretend that I am not about to die (that is actually less of a joke than you think)...and I haven't basically been confined to bed leaving me to watch Stewart, Colbert, Nova and old movies in large doses...

Occasionally there is something on that is different than that and if it is on the Internet then I can watch it since we don't have TV. I watched the first episode of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution tonight which I was excited about after watching last season.

I think I am like most mothers, just trying to do my best. I have tried to be reasonable and make changes when I can and should. I've blogged over the years about the ways I have been trying to rid our diet of certain elements and about the different shows/information I have come across. There are a lot of you who are much better at it than me but I think I am moving in the right direction. My kids don't eat school lunch both for cost and the reason you are about to see. In Boulder they had revamped the lunch program the year before we got there and made lots of changes that they published. I felt better about them eating there since I was able to find what they were eating. Plus the school (or maybe it was just the all the teachers my boys had) forbid any sugar treat. They allowed juice and fruit cups and things like pretzels but nothing that was directly sugar. It was nice. Here, although educationally the school may be even better (I know it is hard to believe because Whittier was an amazing school), sugar-wise it is a disaster. So even though I am well aware of the some of the nutritional problems of schools across America, even I was blown away by this demonstration...

PS - I should add that the Provo school district is trying to change it's menu and use more fresh food. One of the cooks won a national award for her initiative to get fresh food into the schools here but it hasn't completely trickled down yet. We still have strawberry and chocolate milk :) Maybe in a year or two...??

Friday, April 8, 2011

Debate argument...

Seth: Mom, this baby is going to be a boy.
Me: Really? Do you think it will be a boy?
Seth: Yes, I really want it to be a boy!
Me: Why?
Seth: Because if it is a boy then I won't always have to shut the door when I go to the bathroom but if it is a girl then we'll ALWAYS have to shut the bathroom door. That will be the worst.
Me: I'm still here and I'm a girl.
Seth: No you aren't, you don't count...

Sigh...In this particular case I wish I counted!!