Friday, May 27, 2011

Creative Writing

One of the best thing about school ending is getting all the creative writing papers the kiddos have been doing all year sent home. It is so fun to read through them and discover what your children "really" think about...

Here are a few offerings from Hy.

What would you do if you had $100?
I would buy Kai. I would also buy plants vs. zombies. I would pay tithing and taxies for repairs on oil and machines.

How have people shared with you?
Someone did help my famliey. 2 people did. My mom was pregninte so one person brought are dinner for one night. When my dad was working a women gave us food for another dinner. That's how much we share.

What did you do for Christmas break?
When it was diner time on winter break at my Grandma Princes house there were 20 boxes of pizza. I felt sad so we jump on the tramplen then we eat 5 pises of pizza. Then 2 familys left. Then one more family left. I was so sad. Then we left. I was so sad. We went to 1 of my cosins house and I jumped for joy.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Every once in awhile I get those "how well do you know me" emails from friends. It is always fun to read answers and see how much you actually do and don't know about someone. Some of my favorites are about names like trying to guess their middle names or what names they would choose for themselves, etc.
I was thinking about the names we have chosen." Each one represents a compromise and very long spiritual discussions and many reasons we chose the names. Just the other night I was lying in bed thinking about Eve and wondering if her Seth brought the same joy that ours does, enough joy to make the tragedy that caused the need for Seth bearable? The scriptures hint that he did and is one of the reason I so love that name. I think of Lucy Mack and wonder what it would be like to lose my Hyrum and Samuel, on top of losing Joseph, all basically for the same event. So there are many reasons and people who have influenced our choices but hidden in the spiritual side are also a few nods to most of my "favorites" too. Perhaps you can guess them. Some are very subtle and some are exact names.
Here are the hints. The names are Joshua, Matthew and (soon to be) Beth. One of the names carries reference to two of my favorite characters (one is direct and one is less direct). Another name is also a character of a favorite author and other name is not from an author but an entirely different genre :)
I'll put the answers in the comments...

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The loaded question...

For me, this feels like a loaded question...."Do you want a girl?" or the different forms like "Are you trying for a girl?" "Are you hoping it is girl?"
I know that no one has ever asked me this with any kind of negative intent. It is still hard to answer because I feel like if I say yes then that implies that I don't want a boy and that would not be true. Perhaps a better question is "Do you want a girl or a boy?" and then I could just answer yes and that would be the real truth. I have never wanted a girl at the exclusion of a boy and I have never wanted a boy at the exclusion of a girl. (I am pretty sure this is how most people feel, they love their children no matter what they are ;) I have never been disappointed when I found out I was having a boy and I have never wished that one of my boys would be a girl...

When I was pregnant with my 4th someone asked me if I knew what I was having. At the time I didn't and this person implied that I should hope that it was a boy since I probably couldn't hack it as a "girl mom." Then shortly after one of my "friends" said basically the same thing, that there was probably a reason Heavenly Father didn't trust me with a girl. I tried very hard to not have an identity crisis over this :) Fortunately I have a lot of friends who have all girls and it has never once occurred to me that they "couldn't hack it as a boy mom." They are all excellent mothers who do amazing things and I think that being an excellent mother applied across the board. I would never worry if they got a boy because any child, boy or girl, would be lucky to have a mother like my "girl mom" friends! So, I have kept telling myself this over the years. I figured it was important because if you are going to have a lot of children there is a pretty good chance you are going to end up with at least one boy or girl. Also, it is REALLY OBVIOUS now that I should completely disregard any comment these two people had made about parenting :) So it has been many years and I felt pretty good about whichever way this pregnancy decided to go...

A few weeks ago my friend came over and asked if I wanted the few girl clothes she had because she is moving. I was only 13-14 weeks pregnant. I just looked at her for a second and then something inside of me just clicked and I knew in my heart what to tell her...
I told her yes and I took the clothes........and.......I was right!
We know now that it is a girl :) I sort of forgot to breath when the ultrasound tech told me at first. It wasn't my 20 week, that is in 3 weeks, but they were checking something and I was able to find out it was a girl. Even though I felt like I knew it already it was still a shock!!

I want to make sure everyone understands that I would be just as happy if it had been a boy because first, sometimes ultrasounds are wrong and second, it may not sound that way when I say we are SOOOOOOO excited!! I just can't believe it! I told one friend in the ward on Friday that is was a girl and when I walked into church today I must have had 15 different women come up to me with congratulations and hugs and claps and jumping up and down excited for me. It was funny and I couldn't help but be as excited as they were. It is exciting! It is practically unbelievable :)
The older boys are happy. In fact, I thought Hy was going to cry he was so happy. Seth was not excited but Seth has come around now that he knows her name is going to rhyme with his.
Anyway...that is our news... :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Conversations from 11 year olds...

There are some differences between boys and girls...

Josh -Bailey, I don't know if you want to play Twilight Rome (part of Zelda) with us at school . The two main guys are really dangerous.
Bailey - Who?? Edward...
Josh - What? Who's Edward...
Bailey - Sorry, did you mean Jacob, not Edward.
Josh - Who is Jacob? I meant Rant and Ganandorf
Bailey - Who are they? I thought you said Twilight.
Josh - I did say Twilight but the main guys are Rant and Ganandorf.
Bailey - Don't you mean Edward and Jacob.
Josh - Who?

Yeah, I was giggling the whole way driving home from school...

Me and Charlotte Bronte

Charlotte Bronte, one of my favorite authors, officially died of tuberculosis. It is believed her two sisters (writers of some of my favorite books) also died of TB many years before. However, many of Charlotte's friends, including Elizabeth Gaskell (another one of my favorite authors - yeah, I have a lot) said that she was suffering from extreme nausea and faintness. She and her unborn baby died soon after she became pregnant. Many people have speculated that Charlotte Bronte died of hyperemesis.

Here I am today with a complete understanding of how hyperemesis could kill someone. I don't want this post to be too long. Super long blog posts are a pain to read through and I really like the people who read this blog so I don't want to cause them pain :) I will try and keep it short(ish). Technically I have been told that I had hyperemesis before. This was based more on weight loss and nausea. They were obviously very mild cases. An extreme case of hyperemesis is rare....I guess you can call me rare.

It is a Thurs. I have slowly been feeling worse and worse but manageable. Thurs I start throwing up and throwing up and throwing up. It doesn't stop. I think I must have a stomach bug because I was throwing up every 45-60 minutes. It continues to Fri. John got supplies (sprite ;) Thurs night when he got home. By Friday morning I have slowed down to throwing up about every 1 1/2 to 2 hours but nothing, even water and sprite, is working. I am still pretty convinced I am going through a 24 hour throw up bug. By Sat night I know I am in trouble. I am still averaging 10-12 throw ups a day and honestly it didn't feel anything like a tummy bug. I live through Sunday on nothing. Monday morning it is obvious to me and the doctor that I need heavy medication or I am going to have to going to have to spend a lot of time in the hospital. Enter Zofran. A lot of pregnant women take Zofran for nausea. It hasn't always been successful in extreme cases of hyperemesis but it worked for me. I finally stopped throwing up. When the Zofran wears off I throw up and throw up. It was tricky in the morning because it would wear off in the night and I would have to throw up a few times just to be able to get it down in the morning but I am alive :)

Zofran comes with SO many side affects and I have been lucky enough to experience most of them. A lot of mornings I couldn't take it right away because I was unable to see clearly or even stay awake to drive a car. So I throw up in the morning and about 10 minutes before I would take the boys to school, I would pop the Zofran. I would drop the boys off and about 10-20 minutes after getting home I just collapse. That would last for about 2-3 hours until the first round of side effects started to lessen. By the time I needed to pick the boys up I usually felt like I could handle driving but we didn't leave the house for many weeks simply because I couldn't drive. I missed church for 10 weeks and have rarely left the bedroom. I really don't know how the two little ones and I have survived. It is sort of a fatigue blur. The extreme fatigue (I mean EXTREME) cause by the Zofran has been hard but I am finally doing better.

I am now well into my second trimester. Most days I still need Zofran (okay I have only had one day I didn't need it) but I can do half pills sometimes and I can make it most mornings without throwing up. I feel the hold of hyperemesis breaking. It really is like a physical addiction. I don't know how to explain it...just that I am so glad it is almost over. I still don't feel good but I feel so much better. I almost feel like I am living now instead of just being alive :)

This morning with tears in my eyes I told John that I didn't think I could be the same person I was after this experience. He laughed and said that no one could go through it and be the same person...he'd be shocked if it didn't affect me :) When I can say things like that or talk about something then I know I am on the mend. So don't worry...I really am doing okay now!! As with most trials in life I have learned a lot and been shown so many blessings!! I just wish I was a better learner so that Heavenly Father wouldn't have to keep giving me trials to help beat things into my head. Wouldn't it be great if we could just pick up perfect charity and empathy and humility and faith, etc on the first time around?? !!!
And I love my Miss Charlotte even more now... :)