Thursday, July 28, 2011


Seth was so disappointed he didn't get to go to Texas with the older boys so we promised him a staycation that would be full of things that no one in Texas would be doing. Seth got to chose a few of them so we ate lunch with Stella, Joe, Brittany and Paula at j-dawgs one day. Our other lunches were made up of our favorite cheeses and crackers. He got to eat all the of the strawberries from the garden without sharing. Lots of cream puffs because we knew that the boys wouldn't be eating those. He was the complete, undivided center of attention at John's lab party we had here yesterday. Seth got to pick a small toy and sleep in Math's bed with a flashlight not to mention we let him stay up 20 extra minutes. He got to use the computer on a non-screen time day. All this made him pretty wasn't quite enough to make up for it but it was close.

John took a whole day off just to spend time with the 2 little ones because we so rarely get to do so. We spent most of the day outside and up the canyon and had a wonderful time (yeah, it was only 80 degrees, this summer has been insanely cool). These few days have reminded me that it is okay for school to start. Sometimes I feel a little bad, like I am sending those boys out into the lone and dreary world all alone to face everything themselves. I know it isn't true. We love our elementary school here and in Boulder. The boys have done so well, had great teachers, and truly enjoy and love going to is okay for me to think it is okay for them go to school :)

Yesterday the S's and I got to play for hours. We did cars, bionicles, puzzles, books and walks. We've had enlightening conversations on garlic, bicycles, repentance (or lack thereof), talents and letters. At the end of the day my heart was full and I realized once again, how quickly it goes. Sammer learned to jump this week with both feet off the ground. He has used about 15 new words and has finally master almost all of the letters. On a normal week I wouldn't have had time to do a lot of this nor energy to reflect on it :) It has passed so quickly and I am coming to the close of this time of life. These are the last few years of little ones. It is nice to have a few hours during the day to just spend with them and to spend only paying attention to them. When the big boys get home from school their needs take over. Lessons and homework and dinner and projects and friends...most nights we go on walks with Hy and Josh and spend that time talking with them. On really cold nights we play Puerto Rico or Uno or Settlers so...I am going to take those few precious hours in the day and soak in the wonderfulness that is baby and toddler (like when they move constantly during a diaper change) and feel just fine about it :)

And now we are off for our last staycation activity, the farmer's market with cousin Stella and shaved ice...

Thursday, July 14, 2011

A few things I've learned...

These are just a few thoughts about my forced renovation...

1. Home Depot is greater (much greater) than Lowes, that is why it is further away.
2. There is never going to be a good time to renovate anything.
3. Pregnancy (my pregnancy) is probably the worst time to redo anything.
4. I like money and I like nice things but when push comes to shove I tend to prefer to keep my money and have ugly/free things.
5. Sometimes it is good to be forced to get rid of your ugly carpet.
6. Everything we had in 1800 sq feet fits in one room with a path to walk through but I still have too much stuff, especially if I have to move it.
7. Local stores really do provide MUCH better service than big, giant stores. It is very, very nice when their prices are also much better.
8. Taking a forced computer break for a few weeks is both nice and annoying.
9. Eventually a person will cave and by a TV even if they waited one and a half years before doing it. Why not? I am already forking out tons of money, the TV is only a drop in the bucket.
10. A husband that is very cheap and totally agrees that we should be doing everything in our power to reduce the TV viewing experience will still bend to the lure of amazing technology.
11. Getting rid of the first car you ever owned is emotionally painful. When I pop the trunk I still see it full of HEB bags and when I look in the rear view mirror I still see three little boys squished into carseats in the back.
12. A two car garage is just like a three car garage if you only have one car!
13. My hair should be an inch longer.
14. Do I have enough courage to put up purple curtains amid protests of adding color to any room at all. Past experience has shown I do...
15. After the last move I was going to get a kindle so I wouldn't have to move books around anymore. Instead I got the opportunity to move all the books again and not get a kindle...(but seriously, if anyone has a kindle and loves it tell me so I can hang onto the dream and start saving again for next year :)
16. My husband is strong and a hard worker but terrible at setting time lines and priorities. I am weak and trying my best not to move at all but great at setting time lines and priorities. It has been a successful combination :)
17. New carpet will get rid of old house smell.
18. I am truly the only on in the house capable of painting a room.
19. Fixing things never goes as fast as they say it will.

Pictures to come soon but there is still a lot more work for this weekend but hopefully by the start of next week everything will be done.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Seth really is a fountain of funny sayings...these are a few that John has asked me to record from this week...

At Costco...
Me - Seth, you and Math need to stop moving, you are making me crazy.
Seth - Mom, it is alright. We need to do it, we are just learning how to live!

Getting on his bike...
John - Seth, do you want shoes?
Seth - No
John - I think you need shoes, don't you care if your feet get hurt?
Seth - Dad, I don't care about shoes. I care about Heavenly Father and I care about Jesus but I don't care about shoes.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Picture is worth a 1000 words...

This is a picture of my basement family room. Do I really need to elaborate about what the last few days have been like? Hopefully the whole basement will be fixed within the next two weeks but my savings account will take a little while longer to recover :)

July 4th weekend...

Saturday was Stadium of Fire. We saw Brad Paisley. His concert was amazing.

Marci...this is for you :

The fireworks were spectacular as always...

Early (very early) on Monday was the Freedom Run. John got 14th place and Dallan 45th place in their ages. They both ran a fast 10K. Josh and Hy went with my parents.

For those of you requesting a picture of John's feet after a 10K and the walk back to the car...a little dirty but fine other than that.

Monday continued with hamburgers, chips and dip, homemade ice cream and many games including quigley, speed, indoor ultimate and indoor soccer. It is good to have keys to the church :)

Friday, July 1, 2011


When June started this week looked like it was going to lazy and carefree but it didn't turn out that way :)

First off, John's new bike arrived!!

My uncle passed away last week. Although a sad reason to get together it did bring LOADS of fun in the form of family. My cousins (with kiddos in tow) poured in and the boys probably had one of the best times of their life. It was impossible to separate them from their "cousins". They played from sun up till the sun was really down...
Here we are getting shaved ice thanks to Uncle Keith!! Cougar's blood, of course, was the most popular flavor...
Keith surrounded by the munchkins...

This month also brought Austin to Provo...
Have you ever seen so many wonderful people together (yes, we used to call it Sunday a few years ago) And we thought we had a lot of kids while we were in the Austin ward...this picture is still missing quite a few of them because they are on the playground. The Hansen family also made it but they missed the picture. Even after all these years, this picture has some of the most beautiful and amazing ladies I have ever known. I am glad I have gotten to see them (or will get to see them) more than once this year.

My beautiful Melinda came a little earlier in the spring and we had a blast together. One of my best dates ever Melinda! :)