Thursday, July 14, 2011

A few things I've learned...

These are just a few thoughts about my forced renovation...

1. Home Depot is greater (much greater) than Lowes, that is why it is further away.
2. There is never going to be a good time to renovate anything.
3. Pregnancy (my pregnancy) is probably the worst time to redo anything.
4. I like money and I like nice things but when push comes to shove I tend to prefer to keep my money and have ugly/free things.
5. Sometimes it is good to be forced to get rid of your ugly carpet.
6. Everything we had in 1800 sq feet fits in one room with a path to walk through but I still have too much stuff, especially if I have to move it.
7. Local stores really do provide MUCH better service than big, giant stores. It is very, very nice when their prices are also much better.
8. Taking a forced computer break for a few weeks is both nice and annoying.
9. Eventually a person will cave and by a TV even if they waited one and a half years before doing it. Why not? I am already forking out tons of money, the TV is only a drop in the bucket.
10. A husband that is very cheap and totally agrees that we should be doing everything in our power to reduce the TV viewing experience will still bend to the lure of amazing technology.
11. Getting rid of the first car you ever owned is emotionally painful. When I pop the trunk I still see it full of HEB bags and when I look in the rear view mirror I still see three little boys squished into carseats in the back.
12. A two car garage is just like a three car garage if you only have one car!
13. My hair should be an inch longer.
14. Do I have enough courage to put up purple curtains amid protests of adding color to any room at all. Past experience has shown I do...
15. After the last move I was going to get a kindle so I wouldn't have to move books around anymore. Instead I got the opportunity to move all the books again and not get a kindle...(but seriously, if anyone has a kindle and loves it tell me so I can hang onto the dream and start saving again for next year :)
16. My husband is strong and a hard worker but terrible at setting time lines and priorities. I am weak and trying my best not to move at all but great at setting time lines and priorities. It has been a successful combination :)
17. New carpet will get rid of old house smell.
18. I am truly the only on in the house capable of painting a room.
19. Fixing things never goes as fast as they say it will.

Pictures to come soon but there is still a lot more work for this weekend but hopefully by the start of next week everything will be done.


Janine said...

looks like you guys have been way busier that you should, especially with how pregnant you are!I am sure your basement is going to be awesome. I hope it is also easy sailing from here.

Janine said...

Oh, and Brian has a Kindle, and he is in love. Let me know if you need details of the affair. :)

Tonia said...

I didn't want a kindle. I love the feel of books in my hands. Turning pages, seeing old notes and creases. My brother bought me one for the Big 30 birthday as a super suprise (knowing how much I love to read). All of a sudden I could go to every bookclub because I simply download the book the night before. I have revisited all my old classic favorites I don't own, I can read in bed with Ben next to me because there is a light that doesn't bother him. My kids play spelling games on it while waiting in line, and I bribe them with Magic Tree House books if they finish their chores (and I don't have to drive to get it). The thing that pushed me over the edge though was the burnt orange cover. Yes, it is love.