Friday, August 19, 2011

Must stay awake...

I am waiting to do my visiting teaching but I am about to fall asleep. I need to stay awake so I am here typing. Since this is on my mind from VTing, these are a few of the conversations/thoughts that have been going on in my life. I think I'll end them with a question just like a good VT should answer. I need more things to read so make your answers long...

School is starting. I don't feel any anxiety about school this year. We found out the teachers for the boys and about the programs they would be in a little while ago. Hy has been placed in an integrated classroom. We weren't sure what that meant and didn't get too many answers from the front office (which was the only thing open for the last few weeks). It brought up the whole homeschooling debate again. Our elementary school in Texas was SO bad. I didn't mind pre-K because truthfully Hy spent 1/2 of the time he was there in speech or occupational therapy. I had a lot of confidence in Hy's kindergarten teacher but that was my limit. I knew we were moving probably before the end of kindergarten so we didn't have to stay in that situation but we were ready to pull him out.
We finally got to meet with his teacher. We asked about why Hy was put into the program and she told us that Hy had been picked by the 3rd grade teachers for the program because of his excellent behavior and hard working attitude. They expected this situation to be harder for the teachers so they tried to get as many of the best kids into this class to help the teachers. could I not be happy? Now if I can just try and avoid all the crazy G&T parents from Josh and Math's programs it should be smooth sailing :)
What are the things that are hardest for you about back to school? What are your biggest concerns? (there may be some I haven't thought of yet that I should be worrying about :)

We live in a strange ward, strange in a good way. The dynamics of some Utah wards are so different and yet they can produce amazing results. One of the things that I have appreciated lately is the serious lack of judgement by people in the ward. Our ward basically has one half that is normal middle/upper class and then one half that UPPER/UPPER class and yet I have not really detected any sort of judgement/comparison from anyone. It is sort of amazing. The other thing is, from conversations you can tell that no one in the ward expects to be judged by anyone else. The women speak freely and openly both in RS and in conversations on the street and clearly expect to be understood and supported rather than judged...and that is what happens. There are grumpy, opinionated, crazy, stubborn and very direct women in the ward but still no real judging of each other. Refreshing and infectious...
What do you do in your life to keep from judging others? How to you keep from comparing yourself to others? (probably the harder of the two)

Names. Probably not to interesting to people who live far but it has consumed a lot of my conversations with my local friends...feel free to skip ahead :) So, just for fun and for the locals who have asked...In current order. Beth (Hazelbeth or Rhea Beth), Polly (Pauline Beth), Abigail, Jane, Anna/Annie, Margaret. Names I still love but will never fly with John...Greta, Violet, June, Clara, Mary, Nora. The first two never change. Her name will be Beth (98%) or Polly (2%) with every other name below a 0.9 chance according to the powers that be. I should add that yes, we do have a boy name just in case... :)
What inspired your names...tradition, family, uniqueness, spiritual confirmation (that is ours biggest deciding factor)?

Comments. I thought that I had heard it all after 11 years and having 5 boys. I didn't think there was any "boy" comment left to be said to me. What a fun ride, they were often so unexpected or different from my thinking that they entertained me greatly. I know 99% of them were made with no offense and I never took any because it really is just funny and even I can't believe I ended up with 5 boys so it doesn't surprise me that other people can't believe I ended up 5 boys. I thought that maybe it wouldn't be as much fun now but holy moly...having a girl after 5 boys elicits a whole new level of "creative" comments. Wow...I am glad I am having a girl just the comment entertainment value!
What are some of the funniest or craziest things people have said to you about children, dating, relationships, etc?

What would we do without the Spirit? With Miss Beth and especially with Sammer, the decision to have them were based on overwhelming experiences with the Spirit. The choice went against my better judgement and through the Spirit I was told with directness that my better judgement was not the plan for me :) I've known most of you wonderful souls out there long enough to know that the Spirit works in your lives as well and it leaves me to wonder what we'd be like if we left our most important decisions to our selfish selves? And what would it be like to be void of the peace the Spirit brings to helps us through?
What do you do in your life to keep that feeling of peace? What do you do to keep the Spirit close?

Anything on your mind lately that you just want to share? How have you been doing?

I think I am ready to go...and still awake!!


Melinda said...

I love you. Like, a lot.

I'd like to share that:
-I get to go to Austin in about 5 weeks and I'm so excited to see my sister!!!!
-I get to work in Staff Appreciation for PTA again this year at Sam's school!!! Hooray for celebrating teachers!
-Natalie was accepted into the Spanish immersion public school. Kinder-12th! With K-5 Spanish ONLY, and middle with core classes Spanish ONLY, and high school intensive AP Spanish classes. I'm THRILLED and hope she enjoys it!
-My word verification is "hyspro" Hy's a pro!!! ;)

Melissa said...

Melinda! That is so exciting. Tell Jeannie hi for me! Math is in French immersion and he loves it. The younger boys will also do French immersion which isn't as useful as Spanish but they are both romantic languages so some of it will transfer. Also, I now have a reason to go to Paris :)

Raspberry said...

Hazel's name was ALMOST Violet. Seriously. How do we pick the same names?! :)

Janine said...

Enjoyed your ramblings! It is great to live in a situation where you can feel free to speak your crazy mind, and be loved for it.Can't wait to meet Beth (and Sammer) some day. Might be making it to Utah next year... Knowing you and pregnancy I know promptings must be really strong to keep signing up for more. I have been rattling the "more" question in my head for a year now, and just get nauseous anytime we try to plan. :) Good luck to Hy in everything, and to your new addition!

Melissa said...

Jenny...we must just have good taste! We even consider Eli for awhile too :)
Janine...I was so jealous of Christine! John said as soon as we save enough we can go see you. I think he thinks it will take awhile so we'll do a big cross country trip when everyone is just a little older, but we're coming :)

mkt said...

I miss listening to your ramblings in person... this is almost as good I guess. I have to say, with our names we went with the philosophy of Helaman - naming them after great people (some ancestors, some not) so that when they think of their name, they'll think of the great people who share their names. That and they just felt right when we finally decided on them.

Melissa said...

Michele...when I saw your post about Andrew being the new Bishop my first thought was even though he'll be super busy at least he won't have to go collect his wife off the front porch at 11:00pm now that I have moved away. :)
That was the same premise that we started with our names on, we wanted names that associated with great people and then we prayerfully decided.

Mad gør os glad said...

Nice blog:)

rsctt603 said...

great post..what would we do?

Anne said...

Aimee likes Polly or Margaret! Anxious to hear what name you choose!! Can't wait to see your little princess!! :)