Saturday, September 10, 2011

How you know football season is here...

The weather cools. The leaves are turning and you can smell the scrub oak. The ground is littered with acorns and hot chocolate is totally appropriate in the evening...

Saturday at Costco is a sea of complete blue and white. If you are pregnant and can't fit in any BYU shirt then you are about the only one there without one.

When activities are announced in church they are followed by listing the time of the BYU game and the assurance that the activity will not interfere with the game.

Saturday at Costco the store is almost empty 30 minutes before game time. A few hours before there were literally thousands of people there.

Your Relief Society uses their "good news minute" to talk about the BYU game.

Although Saturday is a "no screen" day in your house, you happily allow your children to watch PBS kids if they leave you alone during the game.

The need for 7 layer dip increase 100%.

Pizza and root beer always seems like the best meal for Saturday.

Your 1 year old already knows some football terms even if he still prefers Jimmer highlights.