Monday, November 14, 2011

3 weeks down...

You know when you go to the store with your kiddos and someone inevitably says "You've got your hands full." Well, I can finally answer truthfully that YES, I do have my hands full. I remember it being a little overwhelming with the first 3 little ones at home but (for real) this time I have my hands full!! It is very busy trying to keep up with the older ones' activities and the younger ones' needs and John's schedule and calling! I am pretty sure we'll make it but John and I agreed to not talk about any more children for at least 2 years and decide then.

We have had lots of wonderful moments over the last 3 weeks. Little girls really are the most precious. It is hard to believe how much a little person can be loved in just 3 weeks. She is adored and adorable!!

These are some pictures that were done by my SILM. That's what we call her at our house because it is too long to say my sister-in-law's mother (her dad is SILF :). When Baby Bep was 2 weeks old my sister-in-law and I went out to my SILM's studio Idlewild (check is out HERE) for our shoot. Our husbands only called us twice :) There were so many darling pictures. These are some of my favorite.
PS - to the Anne of GG fans...are you not just enchanted with the name of the studio!!

These 3 weeks also brought an end to Josh's Reflection contest. He entered the photography section with the theme "diversity means..." This was his project. He took all the pictures and did the editing and decided how to put it together. He had to write an essay and talk about the meaning of his work. This isn't the finished product. The background actually turned out green with the title above it called Apples Together. I only have this version on my computer though. He ended up winning and is now moving onto the regional competition.

Friday, November 11, 2011

In the hood....

Yesterday I was caught in a room, meaning I had shut the door and was in the middle of something I couldn't leave right away. It is amazing how many times that happens during a day. The phone always rings when you are in the middle of changing a diaper or feeding a baby :)

Anyway, I was "caught" for a few minutes and I heard my sweet 1 year old looking for me. He was running between all the rooms saying "Mama, Mama??" As more time wore on he started to get frantic until finally the tears started falling along with the "mama...." The boys tried to help him but he wasn't having it. Finally I emerged and put Beth down and went to find him. He was still running around trying to find me. On my way I picked up a plate with part of a treat still left on it to bring it back to the kitchen. At the end of the hallway he spotted me and started running down the hall with a huge smile and his arms stretched out. As he runs down the hall I think to myself, I may be tired, unkempt and a little jiggly around the belly but I am still mom and that is better than anything to all the people that matter most to me. I bent down waiting for his jumping hug. He got about 6 inches from me with that sweet look of relief in his eyes. Just as he starts to reach for me, he notices the plate. His arms swerve away from my neck and down towards the plate. He grabs the treat, turns and heads off to the kitchen without a care in the world.

My much anticipated hug diverted, my desperate toddler satiated and that sweet "motherhood" moment gone.....I burst out laughing. I couldn't help is such a true and ironic end to most of the sweetest moments in life. The only thing better than mom--food!