Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Heard around...

Josh...on our way to our favorite swing set (it belongs to the neighbors who bring the boys out a treat every time they hear them) Josh teased the little boys the whole way there. He then accidentally walked it front of Math while he was swinging and got nailed by Math's feet and knocked down. Getting up Josh exclaimed, "I hate Karma." :)

Josh..."The world is trying to bring me to my knees in agony." (he had a bad day ;)

Seth licking his fingers..."Mmmm, that tastes just like hot dog juice, very satisfying."
(we had not been eating hot dogs :)

Seth - I saw a rolly poly around the house. I thought it would taste like frosting so I ate it.
Me - And how did it taste?
Seth - Not that good but I still like it because you can eat bugs. Lots of people do it in other places. I am going to tell my brothers that I can eat bugs.

Thursday, December 15, 2011


We finished the decorations although most of them went up in mid-Nov... :)

After I had Beth, I bought a sweater. I felt pretty bad about spending money so I took this picture to make myself feel better. It is all my clothes minus pants...

John and Dallan opened a present that was for them and Joe without Joe there. It was a small retribution for all the years Joe has spent opening and eating their presents without them :)

Little Sammer turned 2 and got the best present ever..a snow shovel he can use!!

And finally, our Baby Beth is growing more wonderful everyday :)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Have a very CHERRY Christmas...

It is 10 degrees so we are having hot chocolate and toast for lunch....
Baby Bep is asleep, dinner and wash is done so now I get to work on treats...

You may not know this but John has a moderate obsession with maraschino cherries. He loves everything with them in it! I have been making a few recipes for years that he loves but last week at Costco I noticed they had maraschino cherries (in bulk!!). I thought we'd do the cherry treats theme this Christmas. It has proven VERY popular in our house. I've done all my old recipes now. I have done the internet and recipe site searches and made many of those. I think I have exhausted the basic cherry bar (a shortbread/sugar cookie base with a filling on top and frosting). I usually don't have time to do any cookie that requires me to wrap a cherry in the dough (although I might try some on a Sat or Sun) so I skip those recipes mostly. Now for my request...does anyone have a recipe that they love with maraschino cherries? The easier it is the better but if it is worth the work then I am willing to try it :) Traditionally we give John chocolate covered cherries for Christmas. I have some recipes that work good but if you have one for them that you think is "john worthy" I'd love it too.

Merry Cherry Christmas!!!!

PS - Michele, when you read this...I'd love that one recipe that you always made at Christmas for gifts with the dried fruit, etc. You can stick it on your kitchen blog or send it to me :) I figured a public plea might add extra incentive to send it :)