Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Current Dr. Prince & future Dr. Prince

This the final product for Josh's Reflection contest. He won the photography contest. We were especially proud since in this contest adult participation is completely forbidden. The students have to do everything without help. Josh decided on what to do with the theme, took the pictures, decided on editing and composition. The only thing we really did was upload the pictures and upload the final product to the site to be printed.

In a surprising twist, Josh also won the science fair and is moving on to the district level. This was his final project. I guess when both your parents are scientists it is inevitable that some of the kiddos will enjoy science. Josh is one of those kids!

But in this "science" pond we have an even bigger fish and here he is at pack meeting putting on a chemistry magic show. When your wife is in charge of pack meeting you end up doing chemistry magic shows :) He was VERY popular and even managed to entertain the teenagers too! The scouts and all the other kiddos could barely stay in their seats he was that entertaining. And people, when I say entertaining I mean entertaining...John has his chemistry shtick down!

And this is why my hallway is still full of shoes and my kitchen is full of dishes...but I only have two more huge things to get through this week and then it begins again next Monday :)

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Tonia said...

Amazing pics on both posts! Tell John he needs to come visit our scout troop!