Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sneak Peek...

John's brother and family came to town last week. It was so much fun to have them here and we are already ready for them to come back :) They have two darling little girls and one is close to Seth's age. They had SOOO much fun playing together. One day they had to leave to go to SLC for a different family dinner. Poor little Sophie was having a hard time leaving Seth. She was desperate. The tears were flowing and she was frantically trying to find some way to get Seth to go with them or get a chance to stay with Seth. It didn't end up working but she settled for Seth walking out to her car and a myriad of hugs. She keep coming back to get more hugs from Seth (in tears). It was the absolute cutest thing from the sweetest little girl. I know boys have breakdowns (I know very well) but they just aren't the same... While I was watching this unfold I just got more excited for the first time Lizzy Beth has a major drama breakdown. I can't wait till she is old enough to throw fits! I know after awhile I'll probably get sick of them but the anticipation is just so sweet right now I can't help but enjoy it :)

Now please excuse me...I hear E crying and I am pretty sure it is because some of her fingernail polish has chipped off and she wants me to paint her toes again :)

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Stephanie said...

Yes, Sophie got Eldon's tantrum gene. It can be cute, but WOW, it can be terrible. I wish we lived closer to you guys so the kids could play again. ;)