Monday, July 9, 2012


 This summer we have had some very fun cousin visits but with this round it has been all about the girls :) A few pictures of these darling, beautiful girls!! I am missing one or two but you get the idea :)

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Hazy Lazy Day...

 We aren't as bad off as Colorado (be safe all our Boulder friends) but there are plenty of fires burning here. We had one in the valley a few days ago and now they are just burning all around us. The whole house smells like a fire and we are under advisories for air quality. The picture of the mountain in front of our house shows you how hazy it is...however, it makes for good picture lighting outside, even during the middle of the day :)


Navigating mortality, marriage and family always requires communication :) As some of the major life decisions are back in the discussion at our house we had the opportunity to review our lives...We just realized that we are in a sweet spot...John and I have known each other for literally half our lives. It won't be long till we cross over and have actually known each other longer than not. The best part isn't just that we have known each other that long but we have been good friends and in constant contact since the day we met. At BYU we saw each other basically on a daily basis all the years we were there (even the years when we were not dating). When separated by missions we averaged writing each other between monthly and every other month. It is sort of a crazy thing!! I have known my good friend Amy for longer but I think that is about it...all my other good friends I met about the same time as John (except maybe Hilary, she's a little earlier and this doesn't count many of my cousins who truly are some of my best friends :) I mention it just because in the next little while many of you are about to hit this milestone of having your spouse your best friend/archenemy for over half your life. Figure it out and throw yourself a is an amazing feat!! (Sarabeth, Amy, Katherine, Leah and mom...and maybe Patti &'ll have to throw yourself a retroactive party) I think it calls for a gourmet cupcake!!