Friday, August 24, 2012

 School has started...
This year we have two schools and two different times. Josh gets to get up early and catches the bus to middle school while the others leave an hour later. So it is year of firsts. Josh's first year in middle school. Seth's first year at school and Bep's first year watching everyone leave for school. Here is our little princess (crown and all) at the door watching her brothers leave...

Middle School!! Yeah...he was pretty nervous ;)
Not nervous...he's an old pro now :)

Could not get a normal face out of this one...also not nervous :)

A very big NERVOUS smile...but at least Kindergarten is only half day in Utah or I would miss this little guy too much!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

School starts in a few days and I have been thinking back on this last year. It has been a hard, crazy year. I am very glad it is over!!  Besides the tough life lessons there have been a few fun things I have accepted about myself.
So on the lighter side...

Lettuce. I used to think I really liked all types of lettuce and salad. This year (since I believed it would be eaten) we tried many different types of lettuce in the garden. I did not like them. My kids really like romaine and ice berg and are okay with a few others but I discovered that I also only really like romaine and ice berg. I can take all the other "fancy" stuff once in awhile and enjoy it but eventually even I would only eat the romaine and ice berg and just let others die or bolt :) So much for me being a gourmand...It is clear I should not be taken to expensive places regularly because they always have crazy salads. pride. flushed.

Warm Tomatoes. I think I may like tomatoes warm over coming out of the fridge. Of course, this isn't always possible but this summer I have eaten most of my tomatoes warm. When I go out to water the garden in the morning I just grab a handful of grape and cherry tomatoes right off the vine and stuff them in. I don't even wash them. Gross. But I love it, they taste so good. I did that with the broccoli too and it was very tasty.  I am pretty sure the same applied for peas this year too. I only really love them when we sit outside and just eat them straight from the plant. We had lots of fun eating straight out of the garden this year (and my mom's garden) so maybe I just like warm veggies ;)

Frosting.  I used to think I didn't like frosting. I was the girl who always scraped it off cakes. It would give me a gag reflex. Then I had children. Eventually they started wanting frosting on things :) My friend made a cake one time with the most delicious frosting (she is a trained chef) so I got that recipe. It was the only frosting I thought I could stand but I didn't make it often cause I still thought "I don't like frosting." A few years later I remembered that I always really liked the frosting my mom made for my dad's special birthday cake and I like the cream cheese frosting I made for pumpkin bars. It occurred to me that maybe there was something different about these frostings. Eventually I figured it out. They were homemade with butter. It is store frosting that I don't like. I am not trying to be a frosting snob although I know it sounds like that. Those are the facts though. Just a few weeks ago I bit into a cupcake I thought had homemade frosting on it and I basically had to hide my face to keep everyone from seeing me gag. See, it isn't my fault. Even in a blind test where I thought I was getting something different it still caused a gag :) I can stomach costco frosting but that is about it. Once I accepted this fact I have spent the last year or two discovering the lovely world of all different frostings from cooked to peanut butter to whipped cream (and especially this summer with my SIL trying to copy gourmet cupcake frosting ;) Just a few days ago my neighbor brought me some cake with frosting and I consumed in an Olympic like time (need recipe Ang). It finally sealed the deal. I love frosting ;)

Soft M&MS. When I moved to Texas suddenly every M&M I ate was soft. I hadn't really had soft M&M's. I thought I didn't really like them soft but there was nothing I could do about it except store them in the fridge and that made them too hard :) When we moved to Boulder my M&M's were not soft anymore so I was happy but then after awhile I realized I missed the warm M&M's. Now if my computer is on I'll set them next to it so they will get warm. Gross I know. Or I'll do other things (Ferris Bueller. Bus. Gummy bears :) Even MORE gross.

Showering. I don't really like it. It feels like a job. I know so many people love it. They feel refreshed or it wakes them up. Man, I just feel like I used up energy. Fortunately, I can type all these sentences without adding a "gross" because I do it plenty often but I have finally accepted it does nothing for me unless I am actually really nasty.

When we were dating, John (tactlessly) asked me if I thought I would eventually become boring to him after he knew me for long while. My only reply was that I had lived with myself for almost 2 1/2 decades and I still didn't bore myself. I added in my head (tactfully) - and please realize that I had known John for 4 years by this time - that I often got much more bored of him than I ever did myself :) And here I am again...decades later still not boring myself :) It is fun to change and grow albeit painful most of the time. I can just imagine how un-boring my mid-life crisis or menopause is going to be!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


School is about to begin but we had one last trip....
Bear Lake! It was beautiful and no internet! Thanks to my sis-in-law we were able to stay right on the lake. We had a paddle boat, kayaks, tubes and even a paddle board one day. It was perfect. The boys loved being able to just run out into the lake and play. We had fun doing walks and going to get famous bear lake raspberry shakes. My brother biked around the whole lake (50 miles!!). We went and hiked around the Paris Ice Caves. Games inside and out...There was lots of good food and one giant storm that blew things away and justified hot chocolate :)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Provo will always be my favorite canyon but I don't think there is a more majestic place than Little Cottonwood Canyon. A few pictures from our trip to Snowbird...I only wish I could do the place more justice with my camera ( my defense these pictures didn't post as well as they are in real life...still, I need work :)

At Cecret Lake...Hy is the one who fell in this year. I don't know if you can tell from the pictures but the water is so clear. While we were there it started raining lightly and it was absolutely magical. It was like the lake was twinkling!! One of my favorite parts of the whole trip...

 On the hike to and from Cecret Lake...

This is the hike from the bottom of Cerect Lake down to Snowbird...absolutely AMAZING!!

Riding up the Peruvian chair lift all the way to the top of the mountain. At the top you can hike through a tunnel and leave the Salt Lake Valley side and hike into the Utah Valley side...

View from the can see Kennecott through the valley...

The mountain in the distance is the back side of Timp...


ps - I don't know why the pict of Hy is blurry but in real life (and if you click on it) it is not :)