Thursday, October 25, 2012

Birthday Boy...

Seth's birthday has come and gone this week too! My rhymers Seth and LizzyBeth have their birthdays two days apart. It is hard to believe he is 6. When he was 3 years old he promised that he would stay 3 forever but I guess that didn't work out (but I really wish it had :)
We didn't do too much because there just wasn't time. I had 4 things going on after school and one of them included pack mtg which I was in charge of...yikes! No one has seen John for about 3 weeks (except me)...Beps is scared of him now :) Between travel and grant writing, he leaves before anyone gets up and comes home after everyone is asleep. Basically he just sleeps here for 7-8 hours then leaves. We usually see him for a few hours on Sunday but that is about it. Plus he has been to Boston, Logan and Flagstaff this month. I did allow him to wake Seth up at midnight to tell him Happy Birthday and give him a hug :)
So it was up to me...for his birthday Seth had orange juice, hot pockets and drumsticks. According to him that is everything he LOVES but never gets unless it is his birthday except the orange juice ;) He had fun playing and got some books and small toys. His best present won't be here for awhile but he was happy to wait ;) Aunt Paula also came by and wished him happy birthday. I gave him extra treats at pack meeting and that made him happy. We also went to Costco and got all the samples at lunch which he really likes to do. Needless to say, as a very easy to please child he was very pleased with his birthday. We love you Seth...every family should have a Seth!! They are very entertaining :)


Celi Anizelli said...

"We love you Seth...every family should have a Seth!! They are very entertaining :)"

Melissa, I think we have one Seth here too, he is Antonio, my son! He's 9 years old now.

Little kisses for all of you, happy birthday Seth!

Leah Prince said...

Remember how Seth would eat mustard? Such a fun boy. Happy Birthday!