Thursday, November 29, 2012

Math's Excellent Work...

 These are our neighbors. Our next door neighbors. Our neighbors who were only mentioned a million times during the Thanksgiving season whenever the boys were asked what they were thankful for. Our neighbors who warrant having a hole in our fence so the boys can travel freely between yards. Our neighbors, a family of all boys (5 boys counting precious Rocky) and if that wasn't enough...these boys also came with BFF's for me and John :)
Is it any wonder that Math wanted to take the camera over to capture some of his favorite people. I thought he did an excellent job (which is the reason for the post) especially when you consider he shot these pictures in manual and he is only 8 years old :) Sure there were a lot of blurry ones too but he got a few great ones :)


Celi Anizelli said...

Amazing! As ever!

Kisses for you!

Jet said...

I didn't realize Matthew took these. It is sobering to know an 8-year-old takes better pictures than a 30-ea-old (cough cough - me)! Your kiddos have talent!