Thursday, January 31, 2013

Things I do wrong, part 4...VT reporting...

I do not report visiting teaching correctly...I know I don't. I am pretty sure I annoy my supervisors because I don't do it right.

It is related to an experience with a sort of anal know-it-all bishop (we loved him though) and less active sister who had moved into the ward but had never come to church in years (and had never been to the ward) so no one even knew who she was. I was her VT and I felt like (and I still feel like) I had done what I could to see her and get to know her. It wasn't especially easy. (I think I might hear Michele sighing as she reads this but hopefully you have forgotten since it was more traumatic for me :)

It was not a pleasant experience but I should still repent and just report my VTing how I am suppose to but I won't. I don't send in a report, instead I basically send in a letter account of everything I did that month and then let my supervisor decide how to report it. She can make the judgement call...

Today though I am sending in my report and I am going to try real hard and just do it right! :)

Things I do wrong, part 3...using a scale

Really this is just sort of a funny post...

I don't always get on the scale so today when I did I had a few thoughts as I kept moving the weight down the scale...

5 lbs! YES!! So happy...!!!
10 lbs lighter...a flipping miracle, how did this happen??
15 lbs lighter....wait...what????
20 lbs lighter....this CANNOT be right!!!!

Look down and adjust the scale that had been played with...

0 lbs ligher...yea, that seems right :)

Monday, January 28, 2013

Things I do wrong, part 2...winter wonderland

This isn't really something you can do "wrong" but it is still something throughout my life that people have made me feel "wrong" about it. I like winter. I like it way more than summer. Summer is my least favorite season. My favorite temperature... in Utah and Colorado I like it about 60-65 and in Texas 50-55. I don't love extreme cold but I don't mind the 20's and 30's which makes moderate climates like Boulder and Provo fairly perfect (except this winter!!!!)
Snow is magical. Many, many nights I love to sit by the window and just watch the snow fall and enjoy my thoughts. Shoveling it is one of my favorite pass times especially when it is a warm snow and late at night. It is less magical when you get 8 inches and have drive in it but even then...I still love it.
It is not socially acceptable to like winter. People gawk at you when you say things like that and even worse when you say summer is your least favorite season. I must be wrong!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Things I do wrong, part 1 - Rockin it all night long...

Well, this is just the first part of a series that could probably go on forever. There are more to come :)
Disclaimer: I am preemptively saving the time of having to explain that I am already well aware of things I do wrong...In most cases I actually do believe I am probably wrong :)

First one...I rock my children to sleep. Always have.
With the exception of Hy who couldn't stand being rocked (he didn't even like to be held) I have always rocked the little kids to sleep. I read all the stuff that said things like don't nurse your baby to sleep and don't rock them to sleep and put them down when they are still slightly awake, etc. And...I just didn't follow any of it. I just didn't want to do it even if it was better for my little ones.
Best part is if you ask me about things like that I will tell what the books say to do. That would be my official advice. Previously, in order to get me to say that I rock my babies to sleep you would have to had make a comment like, "I hate it when books tell you not to rock your babies to sleep" or "I wish I didn't have to but I always rock my babies to sleep." Only then would I admit to such behavior or tell my true feeling about said behavior. And PS...I also rock them for naps :)

Eventually they get older and I don't get to rock them (still rocking Sam and Beps). Then our bedtime turns to more socially accepted methods like reading books and singing songs and of course the tuck in (which I still do for Math and Seth and Hy sometimes).

Obviously now that I have stated it on a public forum, I should probably just admit that I do it and take the small comments from the general public I would probably get on how I do it wrong. Clearly I am not about to change (wouldn't dream of it) so...

I guess that is just how it goes in our house :)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Happy New Year...

Well...real life is back and is not taking a break for 2013 :) Sometimes I feel like I need "thought dumb" but fortunately for y'all I don't have the time today...(but don't be surprised if you start getting long, random emails)
So, instead a small Christmas picture recap...

Christmas Eve....

Christmas Morning...Beps was pretty excited about her doll...

Our Christmas Party with the Barker Boys....

 So much basically snowed every day but Beps didn't let that stop her :)

Midnight sledding...we are lucky because the road leading into our neighborhood is perfect for little sledders. We put Sammer and LizzyBeth to bed and went out. We finished at midnight with hot chocolate and toast :)

Just so you can see how tall the snow was!! (and mostly still is)