Monday, January 28, 2013

Things I do wrong, part 2...winter wonderland

This isn't really something you can do "wrong" but it is still something throughout my life that people have made me feel "wrong" about it. I like winter. I like it way more than summer. Summer is my least favorite season. My favorite temperature... in Utah and Colorado I like it about 60-65 and in Texas 50-55. I don't love extreme cold but I don't mind the 20's and 30's which makes moderate climates like Boulder and Provo fairly perfect (except this winter!!!!)
Snow is magical. Many, many nights I love to sit by the window and just watch the snow fall and enjoy my thoughts. Shoveling it is one of my favorite pass times especially when it is a warm snow and late at night. It is less magical when you get 8 inches and have drive in it but even then...I still love it.
It is not socially acceptable to like winter. People gawk at you when you say things like that and even worse when you say summer is your least favorite season. I must be wrong!


Sara said...

Well, we definitely are cousins, 'cause Summer is also my least favorite season. I would take Winter over Summer any day! :)

merathon said...

it's not wrong to like or not like any season-- just an opinion! i actually HATE winter... i truly have a hard time with it and i think people think i'm a freak and laugh at me when they hear exactly how much i despise it! wish i could love it. i'm working on learning to deal with it better!

Heather said...

Melissa, I'm with you. I really like Winter. No humidity and I love to cuddle up in blankets. I really love to cuddle up in blankets with hot chocolate sitting outside during a soft warm snow shower. One of my favorite things.

Editt said...

I love snow! My ideal vacation is in a cabin with a great fireplace while snow falls peacefully outside.