Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Things I do...part 5...resoluting...

So I decided on "things I do" because I had a few people tell me that they weren't really "wrong"...just a different opinion my defense, I have had people (in this calendar year) actually tell me those things were WRONG. :)
So...I continue...I haven't actually been told this is wrong ;)

Resolutions. This post is late for New Year's Resolutions. I finally gave up on New Year's Resolutions. I settled on Feb 1st Resolutions. This post is a little late for Feb 1st Resolutions too but the month got a little busy but don't worry (I know you aren't) I did make them. I am never ready by Jan 1 for resolutions. Christmas and Thanksgiving are so busy and fun. It seems that I never find time to sit and think about what I really want to do. Everyone starts talking about their resolutions in January and I get inspired and start thinking. Usually by Feb. I know what I should do! When I woke up Feb 1st this year I knew it was time and knew I had the right things to focus on in my life!

Remember this post on my slogan "Built Pioneer Tough"

Well...I have a new one for this year, "Built Good Enough!" John is also feeling this way this year so he decided his slogan would be "Within Specs" that is us for this year :)
This is related to all my "things I do wrong" series. The last year has been a good reality check and sometimes you just got to deal with the real reality and not the one you hope you invented :)
More to come...(probably)

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Zogg said...

I like your New Years theme. I think it is funny that wrong and right is so much in the eye of the beholder. I recently read a book called Being Wrong. It addresses this.