Sunday, August 25, 2013

FB strategy

So, this year I am still doing the facebook page for the art program at our school. I got to take a break from fb during the summer and that was nice. I would log on about once every two weeks to check the page and see what was happening...
I decided on a good working plan for myself since I have fb anxiety :) I just read the first 3 or 4 updates that I can see on my computer screen and never scroll down. This way I don't get overwhelmed. Part of the problem is what do you comment on, what do you skip, what do you just like, do you bother with a long comment or just stick to "so cool" or "so great," what if sometime doesn't like your comment, why do I always spell something wrong when I comment, what if you can't clearly convey what you were thinking in 200 characters, do people even want a comment on their status? I don't know...too much non real social anxiety. So this way I can comment or like freely. I'll never over do if it is once a day! I decided that maybe I should add updates and sort of jump in to try and overcome my anxiety and also combat the feeling that I am invading a strange facebook land every time I am there.
Wish me luck as I will probably have to get on at least once a day if not two or three times...I hope all of your status updates will be at the top!! :)